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A sunlit photograph of the Pebblebed Heaths

Dawlish Countryside Park 

The 65-acre Dawlish Countryside Park is a public open space with wild countryside and walks.  It is home to native species including wildflower grassland, scrub and woodland, and native wildlife, such as Cirl buntings. 

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The grassland is managed as hay meadows packed with colourful wildflowers and butterflies, with mown paths for exploring and shorter strips for playing games. If you have an hour to spare why not follow the Red Route (see map, below) right round the park, taking in the panoramic views from the Ridge Path, the Island Viewpoint and The Lookout. For a shorter stroll you can follow on of the Yellow routes past the Bird Feeding Station to the Coffee Curve seat with sea views. 

Or...make your own route around the many meadow paths - there's room to run and room to roam with your dog. Enjoy a real country walk with our classic farmland birds for company. Skylarks singing joyfully overhead, and our South Devon celebrities - the Cirl Bunting. Patches of the park will still be farmed for Barley to support these special and long-standing country companions.

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Walking: There is a pedestrian access point on Orchard Lane on the northern (Exeter) side of the park and two more off Shutterton Lane on the southern (Dawlish) side of the park. You can walk from Sainsbury's through the estate to the park.  

An illustrated map of Dawlish Countryside Park

By Car: Free car park off the A379 Exeter Road, 700 metres to the north of Sainsburys.

By Bus: Dartline 186 Dawlish Town Service stops at Sainsbury's Mon-Sat. Walk through the estate (not along Exeter Road) to reach the park via the Shutterton Lane crossing point and pedestrian access point. Stagecoach No.2 Service between Newton Abbot and Exeter stops nearby  on the main Exeter Road. Ask for Port Road stop (either direction) and cross with care if on Exeter-bound side. Be aware Exeter Road is a fast, busy road with limited visibility near Shutterton Lane. 

Join guided social dog walks with Devon Loves Dogs – a free membership scheme for dog walkers. If you sign up, you can get a free goody bag, information and advice! 

We are proud to support “Colour in the Margins“, one of a number of projects under the “Back from the Brink” scheme, developed by Natural England and Rethink Nature (a partnership of seven conservation charities).  

One of the most ambitious conservation projects ever undertaken, the aim of the scheme is to save 20 species from extinction and benefit over 200 more through 19 projects that span England from Cornwall to Northumberland. Seeds from the endangered arable plant “Small-flowered Catchfly” will be sown on the site and its progress monitored over the next few years. 

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Dawlish Countryside Park

Dawlish Countryside Park is 65-acres of open countryside where dogs can run free! 

Explore the Park with longer or shorter walks, enjoy the whole park taking in the amazing views from the Ridge Path, the Island Viewpoint and The Lookout. For a shorter and more gentle route, you can walk past the Bird Feeding Station to the Coffee Curve seat with sea views.  You can walk freely around the many meadow paths - with room to run and room to roam. Free parking.

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SWE Ridgetop

The Ridgetop Park will be a new, large, public park. It is proposed as ‘suitable alternative natural green space’ (SANGS) and is being delivered to mitigate the impact that the collective additional population from new development may otherwise have on the Exe Estuary. Work has been progressing on planting and establishing the Ridgetop Park. The first parts are expected to open later this year, with further sections to be opened as they are established. The Ridgetop Park will be easily accessible on-foot for many new residents, with small areas of car parking also delivered to enable wider public access.


Cranbrook Country Park lies at the heart of the new town of Cranbrook on the outskirts of Exeter. It consists of around 30 hectares (and growing) of beautiful, varied habitats and public amenity spaces. Running through the centre of the Country Park is the Cranny Brook, lined with trees providing shade and plenty of access points for a paddle (or a doggy dip!) Dogs with good recall are welcome off the lead throughout the whole park. However, the large meadow on the South side of the London road is a definite favourite for owners whose dogs need a large space to run freely and burn off some extra energy.