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Here are some resources and activities for you to try out
Female child blowing bubbles

Want to learn more about our local wildlife? That's great! We hope you have some fun along the way with these arts, crafts and activities. 

When the weather won’t let up, learn, play and explore from the comfort of your own home! 

Please share your masterpieces to help spread the word about our special wildlife here, we love meeting people as enthusiastic about nature as we are! 

Want to do more to help the wildlife in your garden? Follow this guide to create a homey hibernaculum for slowworms, grass snakes and (if you're really lucky) lizards!

Here's a couple of handy Heaths wildlife spotter sheets for your next visit to the Pebblebed Heaths - how many can you spot? Let us know!

Spotter sheet 1

Spotter sheet 2

Watch a wildlife webcam 

What are they up to when we’re not watching? Get as close as you want without ever worrying you might disturb them! 

Want to learn more? That’s great! Here's some other websites to take a look at 

The Heath brief: 

Thames Basin Heaths Partnership resources 

RSPB Wildlife Challenge

Estuary and waterbird info: